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Hubbard-Hall’s chemical polishing products burnish, smooth and brighten – cleaning up the burrs, oxides, and contaminants that linger during manufacturing. Our expert team can help you get any surface ready for plating, soldering, oxidization, or lacquering. We have a range of options – and decades of know-how – to tackle your toughest challenges. From conventional chemistry to highly concentrated solutions, acidic brite dips and electropolishes, we’re here to help you shine.

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(Peroxide-Based) Laser Chemical Polishing

(Peroxide-Based) Laser Chemical Polishing
Based on our expertise around stabilized hydrogen peroxide, the Laser chemical polishing system offers many benefits over conventional brite dipping and electropolishing.


pHConcentrationRecommended Operating TemperatureChromate-FreeFluoride-Free
ENE Electropolish 15G<1Use as received150°F-210°Fxx
Stainless Steel Brite Dip NI<1Use as received150°F-175°Fxx
ENE Electropolish MS 111<1Use as receivedAmbient-120°Fxx
Electropolish 500<1Use as received140°F-220°Fxx

Bright Dip

ProductSubstratepHConcentrationRecommended Operating TemperatureSoak TimeNitrite-Free
Bright Dip 8-ELAluminum<1Use as received195-220°F1-5 min.
CopperbriteCopper<110-50%Ambient-140°F20-60 sec.x
Laser EX 50Copper1-215-25%110-115°F1-5 min.x
Laser ACB 50Copper1-21-4%100-120°F1-4 min.x
Laser FESteel230%Ambient0.5-5 min.x
SR Post DipSteel>1330%145-160°F2-10 min.

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